Coronavirus Precautions


Cleaning and Sanitizing

To protect our guests as well as ourselves from potential contamination from Coronavirus (Covid-19) we would like to describe the cleaning measures we take for our suites between bookings:


  • All soft furnishings are freshly machine washed in hot water. Included are bedding, quilt covers, pillow covers, shower curtains, throw cushions and fleecy blankets.

  • Hard surfaces in the bathroom as well as the TV remote controls, light switches and door handles are cleaned with thymol disinfectant – all other hard surfaces are cleaned with hot soapy water using a fresh cloth for each surface. Outer surfaces of breakfast supply containers, kettle and coffeemaker are similarly sanitized.

  • Any kitchenware used by guests which has not been placed in the dishwasher will be left by the guest on the kitchen counter to be cleaned and sanitized by us.

  • Any other hard surfaces such as tables, chair frames and outdoor furniture are cleaned with soapy water.


Note: We have reduced the ‘extras’ normally placed in the suites at this time but they are still available upon request. Such items include extra blankets, and thin pillows, backpack and reading materials.


We would also encourage guests to use a hand sanitizer before entering the suites or alternatively, to clean hands thoroughly with soap after entering the suite.

Social Distancing

We will maintain strict social distancing with our guests. Each suite has its own private entrance and communication with guests will be via text messaging if possible. Breakfast supplies will be provided outside of the suite for the guest to pick up.


We strive to make your stay as safe and relaxing as possible in this time of concern about Covid-19.


Your hosts


Susan and Steve Jasper

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