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Susan and Steve Jasper
2502 Winifred Road, Naramata, BC. V0H 1N1

778-514-5422 (home)
778-531-0087 (cell)

Lat. 49.576490 Long. -119.572529


Directions to Penticton

Naramata is a small town 15 minutes north of Penticton. There are daily flights to Penticton from Vancouver and Calgary. Alternatively you can fly to Kelowna from many different locations. Kelowna is about 1 to 1.5 hours by car (depending on time of day) from Penticton. By car, Penticton is about 5 hours from Vancouver, 9 hours from Calgary and about 1.5 hours from Osoyoos and the US border.


Directions to Singing Marmot Guest Suites

From Penticton:

  • Follow the signs to Naramata and continue along Naramata Road.
  • Exit right on Gawne Rd – at signs directing to Mocojo and Lang Vineyards
  • Continue along Gawne and Gammon Roads past Lang Vineyards
  • Bear right on Noyes and immediately right and right again to get to Winifred Road
  • Our house is the blue one upslope at the top of the winding driveway.